You are one of Canada’s most creative and talented artists and one of the most sought after choreographers in the dance industry, clearly defined by the numerous outstanding awards presented to you and the frequent request by students to have you as their teacher.

Your ongoing commitment and dedication to your students, coupled with your honesty, warmth and recognition of each as individuals with their own strengths and style, truly instil in them the desire and confidence to go beyond the norm and achieve their dreams. Your persistence in continuous improvements and learning allows you to be also a student who can transform new dance techniques and styles into an art form.

Thank You Michelle!  You have been a very memorable and intrinsic part of my two daughters’ (Katherine and Christine) lives and have become a special part of our family. Over 10 years, they have had the pleasure of working with you and proudly dancing the creations you choreographed. Moreover, you have inspired them to not only dance the routine but to make it their own once on stage. You are not only a teacher but a friend who has taught them life lessons and offered advice to be able to survive in the dance world.

I am delighted to recommend Michelle and her dance school to anyone who is interested in dance, and more so to those who desire to experience the Joy of Dance and go beyond to be at their very best.

— Denise Flores

Trying to find the words to describe the impact Michelle Freiburger has had on my life as a young teenager is nearly impossible.  She did not just guide me to grow into the best dancer I could possibly be; she pushed me towards becoming the best person I could possibly be.  Michelle’s approach towards teaching this art form we call dance is not just about the pointed feet and the stretched legs, it is more than that.  It’s about the passion, the drive, the struggle, the triumph, the artistry and of course the emotion.   I am now entering my third year at The Juilliard School in New York City and I know I would not have come this far without her love, support and endless hours of commitment towards my growing success.  When I heard that Michelle was going to name her studio Emotion Dance Company, a huge grin swept across my face.  It is the perfect dance company title whose director was my greatest mentor who taught me how to dance freely and live fully.

— Scott McCabe – The Juilliard School

Michelle is a true teacher of dance. Her love of the craft and compassion for each student, have allowed her the ability to positively influence dancers and prepare them for their own individual goals, whether professionally or otherwise. Her choreography is a testament to the passion she brings to each rehearsal and dancers cannot help but grow in skill and as people in working with her. She is a rarity.

— Linda Garneau – Helix Dance Project: Director