The ballet intensive program at Emotion Dance Company is designed for students who show ability and talent in classical dance.

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These dancers excel in ballet through their turnout, extension, strength, technique and body alignment and are encouraged to take grade level and major examinations through the syllabus set by the Cecchetti Society of Canada.

The purpose of these examinations is to give teachers and students specific goals to work toward and to maintain standards of development consistent with international standards.

Qualified examiners are provided for students across Canada to take these exams either in the fall or spring.  The dancers are selected by our qualified ballet instructors to participate in the examinations and train intensively to work towards achieving their goals.

Grade Examination LevelsBallet Intensive Photo

Primary & Grades 1 – 6: Designed to be technically demanding and to provide a solid artistic and technical base for advancement to higher levels.

Major Examination Levels

Intermediate, Advanced 1 Advanced 2: Career oriented, with a high level of technique and artistry expected.